Check whether we can live without technology

No, we cannot live without innovation. Innovation is something that in the present time is vital for personal satisfaction. No music, no web, no computer games, no TV, no fun, no public activity, there is definitely no existence without innovation. In this quick paced world innovation is required for even the easiest things, be it a morning timer or an espresso producer. It is developing at a helping pace and making it difficult for individuals to stay aware of it. With PCs, PCs, PDAs, handheld instruments individuals have more than required assets yet cannot utilize these astutely. Every single one of us utilizes innovation somehow or another or the other to make life simpler which is the explanation it has made considerable progress, with enormous advancements in each field, be it the web or cell phones.

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We as a whole use innovation somehow or another or the other. The genuine inquiry is that would we say we are utilizing the most recent turn of events and headways in innovation to the best. The whole world relies upon innovation as it purchased extraordinary things, for example, vehicles, medications, microwaves, and so forth and every day there is the new turn of events. Phones and PCs or almost certain iPods are utilized to complete routine assignments. In the event that these are removed, at that point individuals feel that their life is seized. One can say innovation has its reactions and has made us languid, anxious and subordinate. It is the sole explanation that the whole world is working regularly.

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In the event that we see the positive side, at that point because of innovation, we can complete complex medical procedures; we have applications in our cell phone that empower us to follow our wellbeing, funds, and so on. Innovation has made it feasible for an individual with an inability to walk or run in a long distance race. the explanation has helped a person with a handicap to speak with the remainder of the world. It is a direct result of innovation that we can converse with our companions and family members in far off spots. Organizations utilize both the web and versatile applications to reach to a more extensive crowd to extend their variety of administrations and without innovation, it is unimaginable. Innovation is neither acceptable nor terrible, now it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to live without innovation, yet indeed, we can discover approaches to utilize it shrewdly and not so much rely upon it. In the long run, at long last, we have reached the resolution that we are not so much subject to innovation, yet we depend on it for the majority of the things in our day by day life.